Howdy, Friend 👋

Welcome to my personal website, here you can find a wide array of random and unique content from unhinged internet ramblings to in-depth technical blog posts! If it's about Asleepace, then you're sure to find it here!

Who is Asleepace?

Well for starters my name is Colin Teahan, but my friends call me Ballin and when I was a young boy of about 13 years of age I created my first Xbox Live account which I tried naming "Ace", unfortunately that was taken and instead I was bestown the name "Asleepace" by the internet Gods! (aka some random name generator). At least it's always available. 😅

What can I find on this website?

Pretty much everything & anything. I've been meaning to make a personal blog for quite some time now, but I've always dreamed of something greater. Instead you can think of this place as my personal playground, a place to expirament new technologies, deploy cool tools, test my code, and also a blog. Below is a list which more accurately describes what you may find in the depths...

Have fun, and enter at your own risk!